RVlogin Installation

Once you got the free license of RVlogin already. You can install RVlogin by SSH to your server as root, and run the following command.

cd /usr/src; rm -f rvlogininstall.sh; wget http://download.rvglobalsoft.com/rvlogininstall.sh; chmod +x rvlogininstall.sh; ./rvlogininstall.sh

The successful installation will be showing on screen.

Then you can find RVlogin under

WHM -> Plugins -> RVglobalsoft Manager -> RVlogin Manager Simply access it by one click.

You’ll be able to setup a URL for Single sign-on, add servers and add server group.

Have a problem install RVlogin? Contact RVStaff here.

Uninstall RVlogin

Please SSH your server as root and run the following command.

cd /usr/src; rm -f rvloginuninstall.sh; wget http://download.rvglobalsoft.com/rvloginuninstall.sh chmod +x rvloginuninstall.sh; ./rvloginuninstall.sh

This will permanently remove RVlogin from your server.