RVadmintools Installation

If you finished making order and payment, your RVskin license will be automatically active. You can install RVadmintools in your server by root privilege.

SSH to the server by root privilege, and run the following command.

cd /usr/src; rm -f rvadmintoolsinstall.sh; wget http://download.rvglobalsoft.com/rvadmintoolsinstall.sh; 
chmod +x rvadmintoolsinstall.sh; 


perl  /usr/local/rvglobalsoft/rvadmintools/auto/autorvadmintools.cgi 

Enjoy with RVadmintools!


This is the duty of root/admin to do by running the following command.

perl /usr/local/rvglobalsoft/rvadmintools/auto/uninstallrvadmintools.pl