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RVSkin Installation

RVSkin Installation

  1. SSH as root to server that was registered while purchasing the license and run:

    cd /usr/src; rm -fv rvskininstall.sh; wget http://download.rvglobalsoft.com/rvskininstall.sh; chmod +x rvskininstall.sh; ./rvskininstall.sh

    Answer a couple of questions on your shell, and wait until it finishes. First installation will take 2- 5 minutes to install. Installer will create a new hosting account 'rvadmin'. Don't terminate it. It will be used for internal RVSkin configuration management.

    If you have any problem, please read the installation troubleshooting here.
    If your problem is not addressed by the help documents, please contact us here.
  2. Log in to RVSkin Manager. Both root and reseller are able to access RVSkin Manager in WHM / Plugins (at the bottom left menu), RVGlobalSoft Manager -> RVSkin Manager. If you cannot find the RVSkin Manager menu, please close WHM and open it again.

    If there is no message display on the skin, please run this command on your SSH.

    rm -f /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/rvversion
    perl /root/rvadmin/auto_rvskin.pl

  3. In RVSkin Manager:
  • Set global configuration
  • Set default language
  • Create default feature list for user and for reseller
  • Set tweak setting, reseller feature control, body links, top links, help, tutorial links, and etc.
  • Test configuration setting in 2 hosting accounts.
    • rvadmin: this account can consider to be account belong to root
    • reseller's client: this account will reflect setting from reseller skin manager. If it is not configured, it will remain anonymous.
  1. Set RVSkin2 to cPanel theme list and as default theme for cPanel.
  2. Change user cPanel to RVSkin themes
  3. Change cPanel language to the new language

Multi-Server Management

You can set clustering system to manage all configurations from a Master Server in rvadmin Skin Manager since V.5.72. If you want to do it manually, please follow instruction here:

SSH on the master server:

cd /home/rvadmin
rm -f rvskinconf.tar
tar -rvf rvskinconf.tar `ls -l | grep -v '^[d|l]' | awk '{ print $9 }'`
tar -rvf rvskinconf.tar conf/*
tar -rvf rvskinconf.tar cpanelbranding/*
tar -rvf rvskinconf.tar rvyrlang/*
tar -rvf rvskinconf.tar rvhelp/*
tar -rvf rvskinconf.tar rawpage/*
rm -f public_html/rvskinconf.tar
mv rvskinconf.tar public_html/

SSH on the new server:

cd /home/rvadmin
rm -f rvskinconf.tar
wget http://MASTERSERVER_IP/~rvadmin/rvskinconf.tar
tar -xvf rvskinconf.tar
chown rvadmin:rvadmin `ls -l | grep -v '^[d|l]' | awk '{ print $9 }'`
chown rvadmin:rvadmin -R conf
chown rvadmin:rvadmin -R cpanelbranding
chown rvadmin:rvadmin -R rvyrlang
chown rvadmin:rvadmin -R rvhelp
chown rvadmin:rvadmin -R rawpage
rm -f rvskinconf.tar

The rvadmin skin manager at Database Setup works for changing database information to the master server.

Set RVSkin2 to cPanel theme list and as default theme for cPanel.

Set RVSkin2 as a default theme for your cPanel users by:
Go to WHM (root) >> RVSkin Manager >> Branding >> Pre-installed Theme ;
  1. At "Configuration" tab, set as following:
  2.       Allow Theme: rvskin2
          Default Theme: rvskin2
  3. Click "Save Configuration"

Change user cPanel to RVSkin themes

  1. Change default theme to RVSkin theme (rvskin, rvskilight, and etc.). In WHM >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel/WHM Setup search for 'Default cPanel Theme', and change the text field to your desired theme.
  2. Change RVSkin theme to be the default for each hosting package, and change current hosting accounts theme to RVSkin theme. There are 2 ways:

  • Changing in WHM:
    • The WHM / Packages / to edit packages and modify hosting account theme for hosting package one by one. After changed it, cPanel will try to update the current hosting accounts using this package to the new theme. If you have a large number in account of the server, you will get an equal number of email notification from cPanel.
  • Changing in SSH:
    • Change default theme for hosting packages - This way you will not get email notification (It works only for changing theme, if you want to change others such as disk quota, don't do anything on this). Run this command:

      cd /var/cpanel/packages
      replace CPMOD=x CPMOD=rvneo -- *
      replace CPMOD=x2 CPMOD=rvneo -- *
      replace CPMOD=x3 CPMOD=rvneo -- *
      replace CPMOD=???? CPMOD=rvneo -- *

      Do it for all the existing themes you want to convert to rvskin.
    • Change theme for current hosting accounts - Use our free script to convert user themes. Run this command:

      perl /root/rvadmin/convert_theme.pl

      convert_theme.pl is a Generic Theme Converter with the following options:

      • Convert theme based on owner of the account (root, or reseller name) or current theme
      • Convert all themes in the server to the new theme or selective theme to the new theme
      • Convert all accounts of a selective reseller or all resellers to the new theme
      • Support all themes including X, X2, X3, Xskin and any themes listed in /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/

Change cPanel language to the new language

perl /root/rvadmin/convert_lang.pl

convert_lang.pl is a Generic Language Converter with the following options:
  • Convert language based on owner of the account (root, or reseller name) or current language
  • Convert all languages in the server to the new language or selective language to the new language
  • Convert all accounts of a selective reseller or all resellers to the new language