Top Features


The single sign-on tool which lets you log into all of your servers faster.
With built-in two-factor authentication, an extra layer of security, it will ensure that you're
the only person that can access to your server.

Single sign-on.

Google Two-Factor Authentication.

Secure shell (SSH).

RVskin Theme

Dashboard Manager

Dashboard Manager allows your end-users to access to the features they like faster by creating a group of popular features on their dashboard.

Adjustable User Interface

RVskin allows you and reseller can individualize the control panel interface by adding your logo or changing the icon.

Customizable Theme

RVskin lets you to change the style, color, layout, or content that your clients will see the way you want.


RVsubversion is the SVN repository - a robust version control system that is used to manage the collections of any file, be it documents, images, and especially the source codes or software projects that are changed or modified over time. These collections are stored in a unique database that also records a complete history of all the changes. You can store files and work together with your team. Anyone in your team can see and restore all the files of a project in any revision in history.

Many developers can work on the same project, and everyone in the team can be assured that they are working on the latest version of project files.

Compare different revisions, review changes, or identify possible causes of a newly detected bug of the project.

Time machine tool, you can restore all the files of a project to an earlier point if there's a fault in a new version.

Allow for multiple versions of the same files to be maintained within the one SVN repository.