RVskin Demo


There are 14 default themes, and 24 languages pre-installed on RVskin server. More languages will be released in the future.

To be noticed that:

  • Demo site may disable some features for the security
  • Some features such as Fantastico, Modernbill, and DRAM(AWBS) integration are used for demonstration purpose. The license of each application is required.
  • Some non-standard features displaying in the demo are configured to use in RVskin Manager/Body Link, Top Link, Page Editor, and Template System

While open the demo, if it asks you to put username and password, please close that browser and select the demo below again.

Demo for the pre-installed themes : (Click here for theme snapshot) RVskin2 Demo

We're updating RVskin demo. Please come back again to play with it next week.

Click for a demo created by RVskin Branding feature.

In your production server, users can switch languages and themes inside the user's cPanel. Both root and reseller can customize the translation in RVskin Manager / Languages / Message Editor.