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Introducing RVadmintools

A new aspect of managing your control panel. Admintools is the intuitive tool for admins which makes it easier and faster for you to manage a control panel and your cPanel account. Compatible with both cPanel Theme and RVskin Theme. read more

Free RVlogin Add-on

The single sign-on tool that lets you log in to all your servers easier. Ensure that you're the only person who can access your server with two-factor authentication. read more

Customizable Modern Theme

Make it your own style by personalizing theme the way you want! read more

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Dashboard Manager

Manage the dashboard which allows your end-users access to the features they like faster by creating a group of popular features on their dashboard. read more

Look Good on Any Device

Manage your control panel from everywhere with mobile and tablet full responsive. read more

Adjustable User Interface

You and reseller can individualize the control panel interface by adding your logo or changing the icon. read more

Free RVsubversion Add-on

RVsubversion lets each account to have its own SVN repository. read more

Become RVskin NOC Partner

Get up to 70% discount for bulk licenses and get a lot of special benefits when you just
join the NOC Partner Program.

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